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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I need to find my niche.  My art is kind of all over the map...varying editing styles in photography, completely random themes and styles in paintings.  I haven't had a series of any one thing or a unifying style...I tend to just do whatever appeals to me at the time. 

I always hated in art class when I had to make meaning out of everything I made. 
Why can't I just say I made this because I thought it looked cool; it would go in my house; I used these colours because they balanced out the painting; I wanted to try something new; yes, I copied someone else because I liked it and wanted to see if I could make it too; I just like plumerias.

I make art because I like to.  I like the process, I like the challenge (especially trying to mix the perfect shade of colour), I like the sense of accomplishment, and most of the time, I like the result.

But I'm finding that if I ever want to sell anything, whether it be photos or paintings, in coffee shops or on etsy, I need at least some sort of unifying theme.  A niche.  Every artist is known for some style or theme.
Now, to find mine...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


With Love!  The Eiffel Tower, Paris
The Sacre Coeur Carousel in Montmartre, Paris

Mother's Day

Photos!  I finally got around to editing a few in hopes of having them up for Mother's day.  I still have to do a  print check to make sure the colours turn out the way I want them too.

* All photos can have custom text...either what you see here, no text at all, or whatever text you would like! * 

I believe this is a Saucer Magnolia tree in Stanley Park, Vancouver
Detail on the arch around the doors of the Notre Dame Catherdal, Paris
In the Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver
Families in Lost Lagoon in Stanely Park, Vancouver
In the Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver
In the Stanley Park Rose Garden, Vancouver

* P.S.  I also need your HELP!  I'd like to put some up on my etsy site but I need some opinions on which one's to include.  Which ones do you think most people will like? *